A foreclosure is a notoriously complex process, and once this process has been triggered, you need to act skillfully and fast. Our attorneys at Ivanov & Wolf have been practicing foreclosure law since 2008 and understand the nuances of the field. Modern day issues may affect your home ownership and, as prior bank attorneys, we have unrivaled knowledge of how defend your home in foreclosure. Whether you are looking to modify your loan, sell your house, or defend your case, we have the experience to defend you.  
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   Attorney Ivanov has worked exclusively in the foreclosure arena since 2009. Between 2009 and 2015, attorney Ivanov represented the biggest lenders and financial institutions in the country during the last foreclosure crisis. During that time, attorney Ivanov was the lead attorney in countless non-jury trials, depositions, appeals, etc. Working for the big lenders provided attorney Ivanov with the opportunity to learn from the best in the business, and gain invaluable courtroom experience.

       Since 2015, attorney Ivanov has primarily defended foreclosures and helped many Floridians during difficult times. Attorney Ivanov views foreclosure defense as a multi-faceted process. In addition to litigating the cases and aggressively attacking the weaknesses in bank’s cases, attorney Ivanov’s primary concerns is the client-the client’s objectives, hopes, and time frames during the foreclosure. Whether it is taking the deposition of the bank’s corporate representative, engaging in written discovery, going to mediation, taking a case to trial or appeal, assisting the client in negotiating a loan modification, short sale, or a waiver of deficiency, attorney Ivanov has the necessary knowledge and experience to help his clients during these difficult times.

       Matt's experience with the lending industry began in 2006, when he worked as a personal banker for JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA. As a banker, Matt was able to learn the ins and outs of the lending business. Once Matt entered law school, he used his knowledge as a banker to obtain two clerking positions with law firms who represented the nation's largest lenders. Matt began clerking with Trott and Trott, Michigan's largest foreclosure law firm, in 2009. After moving to Florida, Matt began clerking with Ronald R. Wolfe and Associates, one of Florida's largest foreclosure law firms, until he graduated law school in 2011. Matt was hired as a foreclosure attorney with the same firm after passing the Florida Bar Exam in 2011. 

   While working as a foreclosure attorney, Matt represented the nation's largest lenders in court. In doing this, Matt, alongside Ivan, gained intimate knowledge of the foreclosure field from the perspective of the lenders. 

         Since 2015, Matt has used the experience he gained working for the banks and representing lenders to protect those people who are facing foreclosure. Matt has worked tirelessly throughout the years to keep families in their homes during times of need. Whether its obtaining a loan modification, entering a deed-in-lieu, or simply asserting your rights in Court, Matt has seen and done it all.