Defend Your Home

Your home is your most important asset, and the thought of losing it can certainly be a good reason to keep you up at night. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, what you do next can make the difference between saving your home and losing it to foreclosure.

Foreclosure Options

Many people who fall into default with their mortgage loans often experience some sort of hardship which set them back from being able to pay. The most common incidents that prevent someone from complying with their mortgage payments have typically been faced with divorce, a pay cut, loss of employment, paying unexpected funeral expenses of a loved one, or the cost of medical care or treatment. Fortunately, there are many solutions to resolve mortgage debt problems. One may be right for you. The following are examples of ways to stop a foreclosure:

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Loan Modification

   As a low risk option for most clients in addressing struggles in maintaining mortgage obligations, loan modification is a wise decision. Loan modification allows you to remain in your home, does not involve legal proceedings, and limits the damage to your credit. The attorneys at Ivanov & Wolf will assist you in determining your eligibility for a loan modification. If you qualify, we can negotiate the terms of your mortgage loan in order to avoid foreclosure and its negative consequences.


   In Florida, when borrowers file for bankruptcy, they must (at the same time) declare their intentions for any real property owned by them, which frequently includes their home. Typically, the options in these circumstances are to retain the property and make payments on it, or to surrender the property to the lender.  A question arises when debtors choose to surrender the property, namely to what extent they can then contest the foreclosure and delay losing their home while they remain there?

Foreclosure Defense

   A foreclosure is a notoriously complex process, and once this process has been triggered, you need to act skillfully and fast. Our attorneys at Ivanov & Wolf have been practicing foreclosure law since 2008 and understand the nuances of the field. Modern day issues may affect your home ownership and, as prior bank attorneys, we have unrivaled knowledge of how defend your home in foreclosure. Whether you are looking to modify your loan, sell your house, or defend your case, we have the experience to defend you.  

Deed In Lieu

    A Deed In Lieu will convey all of your interest in your property to the lender to satisfy your mortgage loan that is in default, thus avoiding foreclosure. This is advantageous to borrowers in that the deed releases the borrower from all or most of the debt associated with the loan. For the borrower, financially, the use of the deed is often better than what would have resulted from foreclosure.

Short Sale

     A short sale is when you encourage the lender to let you sell your property for what it is worth on the current market, even if it is less than the amount you are obligated to pay. With the option of short sale vs. foreclosure, you must persuade the lender that you are having financial issues and that you cannot pay the mortgage. This gives you the option to avoid foreclosure. To many, short sales are hyped as a cure for all your foreclosure ills. It has become a popular option for homeowners who are overcome with financial problems.